Handwoven wool-carpet in the house & decor magazine ‘Bo Bedre’ no. 1, januar 2013

‘The natural choice’ in Bo Bedre no. 1.
For a natural life-style, Bo Bedre chose a small handwoven wool-carpet from kira-cph.
The carpet is woven from raw sheeps wool and has the natural color of the sheep combined with
the white graphic patterns and gazelles, that are typical for the Berber-tribes in this region in the desert of North Africa.
The carpet is 58×107 cm, price: 475 dkk and ind the shop you will find various sizes and color-shades  of carpets made by
raw sheeps wool in natural colors.

Handwoven carpet made by raw sheeps wool by Berber-women in Sahara.
114×225 cm, 2700 kr.
The carpet can be use for the floor or f.ex on a day-bed.


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