Summer interior decor with colorful stripes and polka dot cushions

Summer mood in your home with kira-cph polka dot cushions and striped multi purpose
bedspread / blanket / tablecloth.

And maybe combined with a hand woven Moroccan berber rug in natural wool with neon 
orange stripes?


Or a hand woven kira-cph rug with more subtle colors with a few colorful details..
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Summer mood with stripes, polka dots & Moroccan berber rug

Classic stripes combined with neon colored polka dots will make your summer - 



And to create the summer ambience indoors, a Moroccan Berber rug with bright colored 
patterns is second to none :)

Memory lane from Morocco - hopefully we will soon drink mint tea together again 


One of our  traditional Moroccan berber kilim rug made from off white wool and with 
neon orange stripes - see our selection of Moroccan rugs on and when 
in Copenhagen come by our store in the very center in Store Strandstræde no. 5


Quilt with polka dots in neon pink and neon orange


kira-cph polka dot quilts in neon orange and neon pink.
Our skilled printers in Jaipur have made a limited edition polka dot collection of soft quilts with polka dots in neon orange designed by
The neon colored dots are printed on pure soft offwhite cotton.
See the quilts on - and the cushions, tote bags, laundry bags and cosmetic bags.
And we also have the polka dots as fabric in meters. 


Neon polka dot quilts and cushion covers - see all the news on
And we ship world wide :)

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NEW ARRIVAL of Moroccan vintage blanket, bedspreads and couch covers


The berber women in Morocco weave textiles for daily use in their home as a blanket, 
bedspread or for outerwear for cool mornings in the Atlas Mountains. The textiles are 
one of a kind and made by each women according to her taste and sense of color.


The textiles are different in size, color combination and pattern - see our selection
of unique Moroccan blankets, bedspreads and couch covers on 
We ship world wide. 



Nordic interior with a Moroccan twist

Create a personal and colorful space with a soft and colorful Moroccan Azilal rug. 
If your home is a Nordic style and white and bright (as mine), the Azilal rug adds 
an edge with warmth, softness and color to the Scandinavian simplicity. 
The rugs are hand knottet in pure soft off white wool and with colorful Berber symbols 
and patterns. The rugs are new.

Some of our small and unique Azilal rugs for the childrens room, by the bedside or for creating a small soft and colorful space in your home.
See our selection on We ship word wide.

A little soft Azilal rug for the childrens room




  Giv dit hjem personlighed og liv med et håndvævet marokkansk tæppe, vævet og designet af berberkvinderne i Marokko.
Tæppet findes kun i ET eksemplar og afspejler farveglæde og formsans nedarvet fra generation til generation.
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Add a touch of personality and Moroccan tradition with a handmade rug, made by the berber women in Morocco.
The rugs are one-of-a-kind and hand-woven and they reflect the color joy and designer skills inherited from generation to generation.
See more Berber rugs on our webshop We ship world wide.


Pink moroccan rug on sale

We have beautiful Moroccan rugs on sale right now - kilim rugs, Zanafi rugs, 
Azilal rugs and Berber rugs. 
They are all unique and hand woven. Get inspired on our webshop



 A flower or two in a hand made flower vase will create a summery touch 
of color in your in your interior: on the shelf, on the table or in the window sill.
See our selection of one-of-a-kind vases here:

Striped multi purpose textile for spring interior decor in your home

Multi-purpose textile for your home: use the striped Nordic with a twist textiles as a blanket in your couch, as a tablecloth or as a bedspread.  
You will find various color combinations on our webshop:
The textile is woven in pure cotton and it is washable on 90 degrees.
On sale right now :)


NORDIC RUGS BY Hand-woven on demand in any size.

    Hand-woven rug Classic no. 2 by made for a customer in Copenhagen. 
    You can order any size and our partners in Morocco - the skilled weavers in the 
    women cooperative - will be happy to take care of your order.

     From our latest visit in the womens weaving cooperative in the southern part
     of Morocco. The women are skilled weavers and they have formed their own
     cooperative and all earnings go directly to them and their families.
     On our webshop you can see the designer rugs 
     and runner-rugs and they can be ordered in the size you want. 
     Pls. dont hesitate to contact us for price and delivery date on email:





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