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brede striber, smalle striber, kulørte striber, sort/hvide striber..

Floor carpet wowen in wool. Can be designed in various sizes. Designed by

Skønne plaider el. sengetæpper vævet af uld. Design:

Wowen carpets designed by

Stribes i all colors. Wowen carpets designed by

Carpet in wool. Designed by

Pillows designed by

Skønne stribede plaider, sengetæpper, løbere & puder – alt vævet specielt til på et lille væveri i Nord-afrika. Løbere kan væves efter mål.
Stribes in all colours – bedcovers, blankets, cushions and floor-carpets. All designed by Floor-carpets can be made according to special mesures. Contact by mail:

På den lille plads foran væveriet.